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LBA Global Partners is your leading international partner for family office, trust and fiduciary, international tax, legal advisory and regulatory reporting services. We also provide global immigration solutions.


Our clients include companies, individuals and families as well as family offices, financial institutions, law firms and tax consultancies. We offer our clients tailored solutions, thus helping them to achieve their objectives.

Together with our worldwide affiliates we can deliver integrated solutions.

Our Vision

LBA Global Partners can assist you with the long-term planning of your corporate activities and is committed solely and completely to your interests. Our solutions take account of your needs and cover the full range of financial services. LBA Global Partners combines expertise with independent thinking and serves as a reliable international partner for you, your family and your company.

Our partners are experts in their fields, and they take pride in putting their knowledge and skills at your service. In the event of special challenges, we have access to experienced experts around the world who can assist you at any time, if necessary.

Our Values

The fiduciary business has a long-term focus. Only those who take decisions with deliberation and foresight while simultaneously being able to adapt to a quickly changing environment will succeed. LBA Global Partners has these qualities. They stem from a business culture, which adheres to the following values:

Independence - Continuity - Confidentiality - Integrity - Excellence.




Family Office

Our services for families and family offices are a reflection of our broad range of expertise and a symbol of our commitment toward family businesses around the world. Our comprehensive and integrated approach helps families to structure their wealth and preserve it for future generations. Our goal is to unlock the development potential of the family through a multidisciplinary approach that scrutinizes operational, regulatory, tax, legal, strategic and family-related aspects.

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Global Immigration

Moving to another country can be complex. We are committed to providing quality immigration services across the globe for those wishing to study, live and work abroad on a temporary or permanent basis. We will advise you while facilitating the immigration process and obtain the relevant student/work visas, temporary residency, permanent residency or the foreign citizenship you need.

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The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) present significant structural changes in governments’ efforts to improve global tax compliance. A robust reporting system is necessary for financial institutions to keep up with reporting requirements – one that provides a full audit trail and comprehensive country coverage with key controls and validations.
Fiduciaries need an easy-to-use system for implementing FATCA and CRS. LBA Global Partners deliver an efficient, painless and cost effective solution to this need.

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Tax & Legal

We will advise you in domestic and international tax matters and implement the results worked out with you. You can also rely on the advice of our qualified attorneys and legal specialists in matters related to civil law, contract law and commercial law. We provide clarifications for trustees and support governing bodies, such as boards of directors or liquidators, in all legal matters.
In the area of estate and succession planning you profit, thanks to our international focus, on access to a skilled and experienced legal department.

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Trust & Fiduciary

Structuring and Administration of Assets (Financial & Non-Financial)
One of our core competencies is the structuring and management of international wealth. We offer you tailored solutions so you can have your assets administered efficiently and in conformity with national and international laws and regulations as applicable to you.

Finance & Accounting (Outsourcing)
We provide a comprehensive suite of back-office finance & accounting services for trust companies, investment advisors, single- and multi-family offices and other wealth management providers on a private-label basis.

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